Commercial Window Installation

Commercial window installation

At G&A windows and doors we’re all about making life easy. Here you can find all you need to get started with your commercial window replacement needs — many businesses use commercial glass as it can be seen in commercial retail buildings, high rise buildings, factories and stores, so when they are faced with a broken storefront glass, foggy windows, or old framing, it can really affect business. So first steps first, you should rest assured that we are here to make sure you’re satisfied first. We work 24/7 to ensure that if you need us we will be there, and from there we take all the steps to make certain that your provisions are met. The type of commercial window frame, glass and design you would like to install.

Things to keep in mind with commercial windows:

Weather Resistant. Single-pane glass likely doesn’t have a special coating to block UV rays and heat, which allows more heat in during the summer and releases more heat in the winter. Intense exposure to UV rays also affects your furniture and carpeting.

Commercial aluminum window systems have frames that can withstand the elements. Aluminum is less likely to leak or corrode, compared to wooden or steel window frames. Aluminum windows are also less prone to deterioration, especially compared to wooden frames. Additionally wooden window frames require constant scraping and painting, to keep them looking new plus, any cracks and gaps would need sealing. You can avoid all these dilemmas by installing a replacement or new commercial aluminum windows.

Cost-effective. Your ability to make savings depends on your energy needs, the size of your office, your current window system and other variables. To calculate a measurement of heat transferred through a window vs the ability of a window to resist heat flow.
Noise-reducing. While this benefit won’t save you money, it can save you and your employees stress. If you’re in a high rise condo, or a storefront near a busy street having glass aluminum windows with a high Sound Transmission Class (STC) is key.

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