Handicap Automatic Door Opener

Handicap automatic door opener

Handi-cap automatic door openers have become advanced in the past few years, so that means it requires expert installation, our team at G&A windows and doors makes the promise to not only to provide excellent installation but to assist in designing and building a layout to ensure the units are placed for your convenience, hygiene, safety and comfort. Door operators are smart now so they do have backup batteries and can be counted on to work with ease, however if maintenance does arise, we are here to aid. Our outstanding repair record goes to show that whatever the problem may be, nothing stops us from making sure you’re satisfied.

Access control

Electric strike systems are automatic locking mechanisms that are connected to intercom systems and allow for remote access and security, they can be found in countless residential and commercial doors. What’s expected from the system is that the strike plate should be released and easy access is provided to users. With our electric strike system service you can rest assured that any issues will be swifty fixed by our team of experts, our technicians carry the experience to insure that you will be able to enjoy a functional lock, and in every use – the part of the lock making sure the fail-safe and fail-secure positions of the lock are activated are working to your comfort. With a press of a button the electric door strike system must be activated. Now although our systems are designed for heavy duty use, maintenance can be necessary, when that situation should arise don’t hesitate to give us a call, we can have our team at G&A windows and doors come by and get working asap.

Intercom systems

Intercom systems have been designed for remote access, controlled access and increased security. With their varying designs and capacities they’ll need expert and certified technicians to install. Feel at ease that our team at G&A windows and doors are here to help, our team is familiar with all the latest models and brands and their use, we install these systems with expertise and efficiency and although we expect their extensive use we understand that sometimes maintenance is necessary, if that is the case our promise is to provide immediate and professional service to make sure you’re satisfied. (Automatic Doors)

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